FALL In Love With Squash

Last week the children had so much fun learning about the benefits of eating squash with Ms. Laura and Miss Ashley.  Ms. Laura is an amazing and super fun chef and food educator for our district. Miss Ashley is an intern from UVM working towards her Master’s degree in food sciences. They planned an engaging and educational lesson around squash. The children had an opportunity to see, taste, touch, and feel many squash varieties. These included spaghetti, acorn, butternut, and delicata squashes. 

Laura and Ashley planned several activities for the children. The children used squash to stamp and create a picture, played Memory to help them learn the names of the different types of squash, pulled the “spaghetti” out of a cooked squash, and ran butternut squash through a food mill.  Afterwards they taste tested the different varieties and voted on their favorites. What fun!


SCARECROW Fun With Our Reading Buddies

Each week we get together with our reading buddies from Mrs. Hahr’s 3/4 class.  Last week we made scarecrows together that now decorate the hallways.  The entire school made scarecrows that day.  Many of the scarecrows have “talking bubbles” that tell about how we can follow our school’s FLY rules.  Ask your child what the FLY rules are.


A big part of kindergarten learning skills are listening to and following directions.  A fun way to practice these skills is to use a Directed Drawing activity.  Tis the season for Jack-O-Lanterns, so that’s what we drew.  Following my verbal directions for adding parts to their drawings, the children created unique and colorful Jack-O-Lanterns that are now hanging in our hallway. All of the children were given the same directions, but as you can see each one is truly unique just like the artists that made them. 

Coming Soon…BAT directed drawings.



Timber Tuesdays and Forest Fridays are the most popular times of the week.  Our forest children now have their Forest names and they have chosen their “sit spots” which they will keep for the entire year.  In their “sit spots” children observe nature, have an opportunity to practice mindfulness, as well as ground themselves and find calmness. Afterwards, they come back to our fire pit (circle) and share their “Findings From the Field” with their classmates.

Now that the weather has turned cold, please make sure that your child comes to school prepared for whatever the temperature.  We do go outside in all temps, in the snow, and in the rain.

Last year’s parents found that leaving an extra set of hats and gloves, warm layers, etc, at school in their child’s cubby worked really well.

Important Dates will come in a separate email.

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