New Games & New Friends



***Please see notes at the end of the post regarding this week’s field trips.***

Last week the kindergartners learned some new games to play together.  They learned them as a class group first and then played them in smaller groups. Using games as a learning tool helps them to build their cooperation, sharing & compromising skills, as well as their math skills.

The math game is called “Roll & Record”.  You have to roll the die and record the number rolled on your game sheet.  The first number to get filled up is the winner.  This is an easy game that you can play at home.  It helps kids to become much more automatic and fluent with numbers 1-6.

Other easy ways to build up your child’s familiarity with numbers is to have them count, count, count & then count some more…count everything.  Have them count the steps it takes to walk from one room to another.  Count the plates & cups as they set up for dinner and the vegetables on their plate.  Have them count out loud in the car. Once your child is consistently solid counting items one at a time 1-10, move on to 1-20 and so on.  By the end of kindergarten we will be up to 120.


The other game focuses on the beginning sounds and corresponding letters in words.  It is called “Apple Days”.  The children took turns spinning the spinner and identifying the beginning sound of items such as a snake, tie, butterfly, and man. The game focuses on the letters S, M, F, B & T.

Talking about the beginning sounds in words and identifying the corresponding letter is a great learning activity to continue to work on with your child at home.


The forecast for this Tuesday and Wednesday calls for lots of rain.  Please make sure that your child is dressed for the rainy weather on Tuesday (raincoat, rain boots, rain pants if they have them).  We will still go apple picking even though the weather isn’t looking like it will be ideal.

That is not the case for our All School Lake trip. A school decision will be made tomorrow afternoon regarding whether or not we will be going to Kingsland Bay.  The weather isn’t looking good.


Tuesday 9/25  Adams Apple Orchard Field Trip 8:15-11:30 (Traveling by Bus)

Wednesday 9/26  Kingsland Bay ALL SCHOOL TRIP (Traveling by Bus)***

Thursday, 9/27  Robinson Open House 6:00-7:00

Tuesday 10/2 Early Release 11:45


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