Audubon and so much more


Sorry for the delay in posting.  There’s so much to fill you in on.  We were having some digital photo issues that have just gotten cleared up. I’ll try to be brief in my explanations and share lots of photos of your happy children.


 We participated in the “Critter Construction” program and learned a lot about how animals build their homes. We also made our own critter homes – bird nests and beaver lodges. Lastly, we went on a hike to see if we could spot some animal homes and visited a beaver pond and river. Take note in the photo below of our “Careful Cricket” dressed up as a beaver.

Thank you to our parent chaperones and drivers.  Trips like this are only possible because of you.


In the outdoor classroom we have been noticing the changes in our “sit spot”. The children were “knighted” with their forest names for the year. Each child is given an animal with a fun adjective to adopt as their forest name for our Timber Tuesdays and Forest Fridays. You should ask your child if he/she can remember it! The children have been busy moving wood for the winter fires and building new structures and forts. The children have found Wooly Bears, spiders, and have been entertained by our resident chipmunks.

We have been incorporating some of our math and literacy practice into our outdoor learning. We’ve practiced our math calendar pattern for October using the gorgeous fall leaves that are abundant in our forest. Look for some of the leaf patterns we made in the photos below. Children are learning directional vocabulary during this lesson- up, down, left, and right. Last Friday we had our 4 Winds workshop on seeds. We learned how they move, how they are made and we even ate some tasty seeds.


We LOVE our grades 3/4 reading buddies across the hall. They read to us and now we are starting to read to them too. Look for our smiles in the photos below. In the pictures below you’ll also see science inquiry happening at the Exploration Station, counting practice during math stations, letter practice during Reader’s Workshop stations and some quiet time observing our tortoise, Maya. 

Our 2 favorite read aloud books right now are, “The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything” and “Creepy Carrots”.  Make sure to ask your children about them.

Just a reminder that there is no school this Thursday or Friday (10/19-10/20).


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